Shenzhen State Micro Technology Co., Ltd., (SMiT), founded in Oct. 2003, is a high-tech company specialized in the DTV industry who owns proprietary intellectual property rights and core technologies. SMiT has the ability to design large scale integrated circuit chips, communication technology, developing integrated system solutions and internet application development. As the leading advocator of the DVB-CI standard for China digital TV industry, SMiT played an active role in promoting the promulgation of this standard and first developed the complete home-made Conditional Access Modules (CAM). Which is in full compliance with the international standard for DVB-CI, SMiT has become the most important professional supplier of CA Modules for many operators and integrators, and the main CAM supplier in the global market. Its products have been successfully deployed all around the world. SMiT endeavors to be the No.1, in the field of CAM for this digital TV industry. To take full advantage of the company’s technology and market resources to enhance the marginal revenue and enhance a company’s competitiveness, SMiT has furtherly expanded its products line from the CAM to digital television system solutions, covering signal receiving solutions for fixed DTV (Digital TV) and MTV (Mobile TV). For DTV: based on the MPEG4 HDTV product line, SMiT keeps innovating in its development, and currently services the global market with high-definition receiving equipments, including set-top boxes and integrated TV sets which are in full compliance with different digital television transmission standards. Specializing in cable / terrestrial transmission standards, and complying with the DVB / DTMB standards, the company has become a member of the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting), and has got the authorization for MHEG5, MP3, Dolby and many other patented technologies. With the emergence of the new Internet media age, SMiT integrates her rich experience of digital TV industry with the new network media technology, and is striding forward towards being an expert in the field of family multimedia center. For MTV: SMiT endeavors to develop the total solutions of Mobile TV and provides full solutions to manufacturers and distributors in the industry. SMiT is now striding from CMMB/GPS toward a new direction which centers on internet experience combining 3G and MID. Its products have won great favor of many clients within the industry and international famous brands. With the social and cultural development as well as the popularity of the internet, consumers’ demand for personalized services becomes increasingly strong. SMiT will seize this opportunity, take full advantage of its long-term accumulated wide-area technology, and rely on the internet to develop towards a new direction featuring products + services.