*In March 2009, SMiT has been accessed as "National High-tech Enterprise".
*In March 2009, SMiT’s new security CAM- SECURE PLUS CAM successfully passed the testing conducted by the CI Plus LLP Test Center and got the Digital TV Labs certification, becoming the first company launching CI+CAM in the world.

*In June 2009, SMiT launched its first WIFI mobile Internet device.
*In September 2009, SMiT launched its first color screen E-book and MID supporting the Android operating system


*In February 2008, OAK, A well-known international venture capital company led the $30M USD Series B financing of SMiT, and SMiT’s market share of the European market into the top 3.

*In November 2008, SMiT won the Certificate for Software Enterprise awarded by Shenzhen government.
*In November 2008, SMiT passed the security testing of ACS3.0 and certification issued by Viaccess, joint launched the first Security CAM in the industry.


*In June 2007, SMiT became a member of DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) organization.
*In July 2007, SMiT is assessed as "High-tech Enterprise in Shenzhen".


*In April 2006, SMiT welcomed its 1st. self-developed ASIC for CAM Modules. At the same time, CAM products with this technology as the core competitiveness passed various tests conducted by China Electronic Standardization Institute (CESI), one of the national certification organizations in China. These products are in full compliance with the DVB-CI standards recently released by the Ministry of Information Industry of China, and therefore, access to the first DVB-CI product certification.


*In April 2005, world renowned venture capital companies, such as GSR Ventures/Mayfield/Walden International. invested 9 million USD Dollars in SMiT, and SMiT became a wholly foreign-owned enterprise


*In February 2004, SMiT succeeded in its technology restructuring and changed from a non-state-owned enterprise into a joint venture.


*In October 2003, Shenzhen State Micro Technology Co., Ltd. (SMiT) was incorporated due to service restructuring of Shenzhen State Microelectronics Co., Ltd.